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Fly Tying Logo Dotted Line
Fly Tying: The Angler's Art
Let our outdoor experts show you all the tricks that will allow you to make the most of your time with mother nature.
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That's Cool!
Share the excitement of children’s scientific discovery! This short segment series shows some of the many, “That’s Cool!” moments that go along with testing the unknown with unexpected results. Several segments demonstrate experiments you can try at home or in a classroom.
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Experience WSU
Experience WSU aims to provide a glimpse into the rich intellectual, artistic and scientific life of Washington State University. In every episode, members of the WSU community discuss relevant work, events or activities that help define not only their efforts and those of WSU, but also the larger field of which the subject is a part.
In Steppe Dotted Line
In Steppe
In Steppe is a cultural/ public affairs television program that broadcasts in the KTNW-TV viewing area, a region in central Washington known as a shrub-steppe. The program is “in step” with the communities surrounding the Tri-Cities, bringing positive news about people, places, events and issues to viewers. Producer and host Lucy Luginbill is a long time resident of the Tri-Cities and writes a column and blog for the Tri-City Herald. In Steppe is produced once each month and airs on KTNW, Richland- Tri-Cities cable channel 10. The monthly series airs the first Thursday of each month at 8:00 pm. The programs repeat the following Sunday at 10 am and 7:00 pm.
On Campus @ WSU Dotted Line
On Campus
On Campus @ WSU is an hour-long series, featuring lectures and performances given at WSU. Visiting lecturers, distinguished addresses, annual talks and programs from the realms of art and music join the ranks every season. With an eye toward extending the cultural and intellectual riches available at Washington State University to the greater Southeast Washington community, On Campus @ WSU embodies the spirit of continuing education and strives to foster conversation and thought on the topics it covers.
Painting The West
Painting The West
Painting the West with Fred Oldfield features the work of western artist Fred Oldfield. A cowboy, a painter and an oral historian, Fred depicts in his art the romantic as well as the disheartening of life on the western frontier.
Dutch Oven Logo Dotted Line
Dutch Oven & Camp Cooking
C.W. "Butch" Welch is a native Idahoan and a twenty-year veteran of the Idaho Department of Fish & Game. In this series, Butch brings his stories from the back country to life as he shares his recipes for dump cake, hash browns, pot roast and many other dishes that all camp cooks worth their Dutch oven-full of beans will want to know.
Jenkins' Art Studio Logo Dotted Line
Jenkins' Art Studio
Stop wishing you could paint because now you can! It's time to dust the cobwebs off your old paints and brushes because Gary and Kathwren Jenkins are going to teach you step-by-step how to paint your favorite flowers by using their unique style of the wet-on-wet method.
Just A Minute Logo Dotted Line
Just A Minute
Travel throughout Washington State with Lucy Luginbill in the program Just A Minute. You'll see heart-warming stories about "real" people, unique animals and places you'd like to visit. Each program is designed to tell a story that will brighten your day. So just click on the program you want to see. It'll only take "just a minute"...or two.
Kennewick Man Logo Dotted Line
Kennewick Man On Trial
Discovered by accident along the banks of the Columbia River, the ancient remains known as Kennewick Man have raised a host of intriguing and hotly debated questions. Explore the drama behind the controversy with Kennewick Man on Trial. Lecture Series - October 22 & 23, 1999.
Palouse Performance Logo Dotted Line
Palouse Performance
Enjoy rare recordings of featured Northwest performance artists in our Palouse Performance Series.
Pet Tips Logo Dotted Line
Pet Tips
Advice from the pros on how to keep your pet happy and healthy.
Scheewe Art Workshop Logo Dotted Line
Scheewe Art Workshop
Learn to create your own masterpieces with step-by-step instructions by our resident artist, Susan Scheewe in Scheewe Art Workshop.
Sid Webb's Digital Studio Logo Dotted Line
Sid Webb's Digital Studio
The series, created and hosted by artist/photographer Sid Webb, is designed to entertain viewers while showing them how to use their home computers to create art and manipulate photographs. It is targeted toward general audiences who have average computer know-how.
Washington Idaho Symphony Logo Dotted Line
Washington Idaho Symphony
Delight in several wonderful recorded performances of the Washington/Idaho Symphony Orchestra in the Washington/Idaho Symphony Listening Room.
WSU Presents
WSU Presents
"WSU Presents" is a replay of lectures that took place on the campus of Washington State University. The topics are of general interest, but cover a broad range of subjects, including science, art, and literature. The lectures may be seminars, invited or honorary lectures by the faculty, reports on research, or lectures by visiting scholars. Watching these programs is a way to participate in the intellectual life of the university.